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    Vol. 1Issue 1ix–xiii
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    Editorial Board

    Vol. 1Issue 1iii
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    Vol. 2Issue 1xi–xx
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    Editorial Board

    Vol. 2Issue 1iii


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About the Journal

Advances in Psychiatry and Behavioral Health provides a comprehensive, annual review of major areas of progress and controversy in the field of Psychiatry. Led by Dr. Deepak Prabhakar of Sheppard Pratt Mental Health Systems, a team of experienced psychiatrists from institutions across the country oversee annual article and author selection. Each year, the volume will be comprised of 4-6 sections, providing some over-arching themes to the volume. The Editorial Board aims to identify hot topics of relevance for practicing psychiatrists, bringing concepts to a clinical level and exploring their everyday impact on patient care.

Series Editors

Deepak Prabhakar MD, MPH

Section Editors:
Aryan Fotros, MD - Neurosciences
Eric Storch, PhD - Psychotherapeutics
Jennifer M Boggs, PhD - Suicide Research
Lauren M Osborne, MD - Women’s Mental Health
Claudia L Reardon, MD - Sports Psychiatry
Deepak Prabhakar, MD, MPH - Education and Miscellaneous Topics